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In 2017 Brow Expert Olivia Lawrie opened her first salon on Thistle Place in Aberdeen. Just when Olivia was thinking she'd outgrown her salon and was dreaming of bigger things, Beauty Therapist Louise Forbes joined her team. 

After working together several years prior and knowing they both have the same work ethic and values, the pair realised they also shared the same dream of opening a beautiful salon in the city's West End. With years of experience in the beauty industry the pair realised they were missing one thing. 


With 15 years experience as a Hair Stylist in top Aberdeen Salons, Joanna Tringham, Olivia's sister, was the last piece of the puzzle. It took little persuasion once Joanna heard Olivia and Louise's ideas and just like that the three became Business Partners and started to turn their dream into reality.

Olivia, Louise and Joanna's existing clients are the first customers and biggest advocates of the new salon on the block, and the story only grows further through their high standards of service and amazing hand picked team of Hair and Beauty professionals. They could not be more excited to welcome all clients, existing and new, to

Arch & Mane.

To book an appointment or for contact info click here!

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